By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission held its monthly workshop on Monday evening, discussing upcoming agenda items, including the acceptance of K-9 officer Jago for the sheriff’s department, as well as a resolution regarding the placement of license plate readers around the county.

At last month’s workshop, Campbell County Sheriff Wayne Barton had informed the commission that the Whitley County Sheriff’s department in Kentucky had donated a K-9 officer to Campbell County. 

“We are getting a $7,800 dog donated to us. This is a narcotics and tracking dog,” Barton said. 

The dog just turned two years old and has already been received by the sheriff’s department. The commission will vote next week to make it “official” so the dog can be put into service.

The commission will also vote on the sheriff’s department to apply for a Dangerous Drug Task Force Overtime Grant.

It’s a reimbursement grant that is capped at $13,200 per employee, according to Sheriff Barton.

He also asked commissioners about approving a travel credit card for the sheriff’s department. 

According to commissioners, the county’s insurance and personnel committee will have to review it and make a recommendation to redo the travel policy to add that in there before a vote can be taken.

Barton told commissioners he had to use his personal credit card to confirm eight rooms for an upcoming conference, which is why the card would be helpful in the future. 

The request has been passed onto the county’s insurance and personel committee.

Next Monday’s commission meeting will also see a vote on a resolution of support for license plate readers that the sheriff’s department will be placing around the county. 

According to Sheriff Barton, the county has already received the grant for the license plate readers which is a reimbursement grant.

Barton told commissioners the state has reccomended he come before the commission and have a resolution drafted regarding the wording that they “are for investigative purposes only.”

“They will be placed around the county for investigative purposes. It’s not a speed trap, it’s just for investigative purposes,” Barton said. He explained that the license plate readers would be used if there was a “kidnapping or bank robbery” or something like that where the reader could “aid in an investigation.” 

It was also announced at the workshop by County Mayor Jack Lynch that Jerry Sharp had resigned from the planning commission.

Mayor Lynch said he was recommending Eugene Justice to fill that position.

Other items that will be on next Monday’s agenda include a library board resignation and two nominations, as well as a Board of Education copier lease agreement for Jacksboro Elementary School. 

Also at next week’s meeting, Commissioner Dewayne Gibson will be carrying a proclamation to recognize the Campbell County High School JROTC Raiders program.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/12/2023-6AM)