By Charlotte Underwood    

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The South Campbell County Rotary Club heard from Amy King at Tuesday’s luncheon held at the LaFollette Methodist Church. 

King is an education specialist at the University of Tennessee for the Education Opportunity Center.

Her organization assists “low income first generation participants to complete secondary school requirements and enroll in post-secondary education programs.”

Amy King spoke at Tuesday’s Rotary Club luncheon held at the LaFollette Methodist Church. King works at the University of Tennessee for the Education Opportunity Center grant.

Education Opportunity Center services include things like assisting with financial aid, providing information about post-secondary training, advising participants regarding academic preparation, providing referrals, conducting workshops on attending and surviving college and much more.

The EOC is federally funded by a five year discretionary grant. “Since 1991, the project has served more than 39,000 participants, approximately 75 percent of which have been both low income and first generation.” 

“I love the job I do! The more education you have, it makes life better. More education equals higher income, which equals better health care and the list goes on and on,” King said.

She reported that the average income people have in Campbell County is 29 percent below poverty level. Her organization tries to connect people with educational opportunities to help them earn higher wages and better their lives.

One of the things she said she loves about the grant she works for, is the ability to “help people connect with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.”

“We don’t just aim for the four year degrees, we start with them where they are. If they need a GED, we assist with that. Our whole goal is to get people out of poverty. When you better people’s education, you increase their income and this betters the whole community,” King said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/29/2023-6AM)