TOP PHOTO: The Campbell County Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Monday night.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Commissioners approved several budget resolutions, as well as the sale of surplus items and other business at Monday’s meeting. 

Budget amendments 11-1 through 11-9 were passed. These included several amendments to the General Purpose School fund, and school general cafeteria fund, as well as several budget amendments to the county general fund and budget amendments to the the Solid waste/sanitation fund, ambulance service fund, the highway/public works fund and the 189 other capital projects fund. 

Highway Department surplus items were approved, as was a sheriff’s office surplus of a pressure washer to transfer ownership to the Parks and Recreation Department. 

Other business approved included a repayment schedule regarding the EMT training program.

Campbell County mayor Jack Lynch asked to suspend the rules to vote about the EMS training agreement for six full time EMT students who are now going to Roane State to obtain higher EMT training.

“We used some money to send six EMS employees to Advanced EMS class. We paid for that, and one of the employees has decided to seek other employment,” Lynch said.

Campbell County Ambulance Service Director Bruce Perkins explained the employee understood she had to pay the cost of the classes back. 

Perkins reported the total she will have to pay back is $2,682.52, which is to be paid back in increments over the next year. He said the other five employees taking the class will complete the course by mid December. 

Other business approved was an East Tennessee Development District Local Planning Advisory services contract that had been revised, as well as a contract between Campbell County and the Tennessee Department of Safety.

County Commissioners approved re-appointments to the Emergency Communications Board. The re-appointmentments include Marlene Broadway, Jack Cannon and Vickie Heatherly. These are for four year terms. 

Commissioners approved to write off bad checks/returned checks left over from the previous county clerk administration.

According to current county clerk Todd Nance, the “state comptroller wants them written off for audit purposes.” 

The checks totaled ,$3,900 and date as far back as November of 2014 and up to July of 2022.

County Attorney Joe Coker researched the statue of limitations on this for commissioners after Rusty Orick made this request at last week’s workshop. 

According to Coker, the statute of limitations for a bad check under $500 is 12 months and over $500 is six years.

Nance spoke to commissioners and said the comptroller asked the county to get these off the books about five months ago. 

“We reached out to the person who had written the larger of the checks and we were told the company had dissolved. It is the Comptroller’s recommendation to get this body to clear it,” Nance said.

Coker explained that just because a check is written off for audit purposes doesn’t mean the county can’t attempt to collect on it.

Orick once again said he wanted the public to understand these returned checks were not from the current administration.

In final business, Commissioner Orick motioned to have the recent Tennessee County Services Association (TCSA) award Campbell County received displayed in the courthouse. 

Campbell County received an award for its investments in the Lonas Young Park 

“Anything we can receive like this award for the park is good; it puts Campbell County on the map,” Orick said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/21/2023-6AM)