Officers take suspect into custody in less than five minutes

TOP PHOTO: A man who allegedly stole an SUV tried to make a left turn at the Sonic and cross the tracks onto West Central Avenue.

The SUV rammed into this embankment.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The call of an alleged stolen SUV came in to La Follette Police Dispatch at 4:15am Thursday. The caller told the operator that a Ford Explorer was taken from the parking lot at Murphy’s Gas Station.

The man who allegedly stole this Ford Explorer was taken into custody by La Follette Police.

La Follette Police Officer Justin Painter and Sergeant Shane Tielman were stationed along the four lane monitoring traffic at the entrance to the rock quarry when the call was dispatched. “He was booking it when he came past us,” said Officer Painter.

The LPD cruiser pursued the SUV east on Hwy 25W at speeds of 75 miles per hour according to Sgt. Tielman. The driver of the Explorer, identified as a man from Ohio, tried to make a left turn at the Sonic and go across the railroad tracks onto West Central Avenue. He did not make the turn and hit an embankment.

Left to right are Sgt. Shane Tielman, Officers Justin Painter and Zack Daugherty.

“We had an encounter with this man earlier tonight, and we were already familiar with him. That’s twice we’ve made contact with him, and he’s only been in town about 12 hours,” said LPD Patrolman Zack Daugherty. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/16/2023-6AM)