‘Temporarily, the sanitation center is not taking brush – Dir. David Adkins (on left in photo above)

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission held its monthly workshop on Monday, discussing the brush problem at the sanitation department, as well as the need to “write off” returned checks from the previous county clerk administration, among other business. 

Temporarily, the sanitation center will not be taking brush, according to sanitation director and County commissioner David Adkins. He told other commissioners that the dry weather had the brush piled up at the center.

“We’re getting overloaded with brush at the sanitation station, and we’re not going to take brush for a while. It will be temporary until the burn ban is lifted, and we can get caught up,” Adkins said.

Another agenda item discussed was the need to write off bad checks/returned checks left over from the previous county clerk administration.

According to commissioners, the state comptroller wants them written off for audit purposes. 

Commissioner Rusty Orick commented that some of the returned checks were for $2,000 or more and the county should try to recoup some of it. 

“We need to see if we can go back after this money,” Orick said. He asked County Attorney Joe Coker to check into it.

Left to right are Mayor Jack Lynch, Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce, Commissioners Rusty Orick, Scott Stanfield and Charles Baird.

“Just because a check is written off for audit purposes doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to collect on it,” Coker said, adding that he would look into it.

Orick also said he wanted the public to understand these returned checks were not from the current administration.

The checks date as far back as November of 2014 and up to July of 2022.

“The public needs to understand this didn’t happen under Mr. Nance’s administration. If we need to write it off, it’s fine; but I want to make sure we attempt to collect it,” Orick said.

During the workshop, Campbell County Sheriff Wayne Barton informed the commission that the Whitley County Sheriff’s department in Kentucky has donated a K-9 officer to Campbell County.

“We are getting a $7,800 dog donated to us. This is a narcotics and tracking dog.

The dog will be two years old in December,” Barton said. 

Other business that will be voted on at next week’s meeting will be an East Tennessee Development District Local Planning Advisory services contract that has been revised.

Commissioner Scotty Kitts will carry it at next Monday’s meeting. 

Highway department surplus items will also be voted on at next week’s meeting, as will sheriff’s office surplus items.

Commissioner Scott Kitts will also carry a contract between Campbell County and the Tennessee Department of Safety.

County Mayor Jack Lynch reported to commissioners that he had been informed that the Emergency Communications Board needed three re-appointments made. The re-appointments include Marlene Broadway, Jack Cannon and Vickie Heatherly. These are for four year terms. 

These were on the recommendation of Mayor Lynch and will be voted on next week. 

Commissioner Orick said he would be making a motion to have the recent state award Campbell County received to be displayed in the courthouse. 

“When we were in Chattanooga, Campbell County won an award for its investments in the Lonas Young Park. Campbell County is getting on the map, and that’s good. Anything we can receive like this award for the park is good; it’s a blessing. We had to put in for this award, it had to be written and submitted months ago. There’s a lot of work that went behind it,” Orick said. 

Commissioner chairman Johnny Bruce said he would be doing a resolution next Monday in honor of a commissioner who was recently honored in Chattanooga for being an “outstanding elected official.”

“It’s only fitting that this body recognizes that,” Bruce said.

Commissioner Derrick Sharp will carry a proclamation to recognize the Jellico Elementary Boys Basketball team, while Commissioner Tyler King will do a proclamation for the Jellico Elementary Girls Basketball team as well.

Commissioners will also vote on budget amendments 11-1 through 11-9 at next week’s meeting. 

These include several budget amendments to the General Purpose School fund, and school general cafeteria fund, as well as several budget amendments to the county general fund and budget amendments to the the solid waste/sanitation fund, ambulance service fund, the highway/public works fund and the 189 other capital projects fund. These all came out of the budget and finance committee.