TOP PHOTO: J.C. Miller (left) was once again elected as the chair of the county planning commission on Monday evening. He is pictured with County Planner Jordan Rockwell (right.)

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Regional planning commission approved a minor lot combination and a boundary survey during its monthly meeting on Monday evening. Planning commission officers were also elected.

County Planning Commission members opened its meeting with the election of officers.

Planning Commission member Rusty Orick made a motion for all planning commission officers “to stay the same.”

This includes J.C.Miller remaining as chairman of the planning commission, Gary Byrd as the secretary and Rusty Orick as the vice chair. 

Miller thanked planning commission members for their vote of confidence in him. 

“I take any job I do very seriously. I take it to heart and mind,” Miller said.

“I think you do a fantastic job; you’re an icon to the county,” said planning commission member Scotty Kitts.

Next up approved was a minor lot combination and boundary survey for Sam and Maria Way in Deerfield. 

“This is real simple, all they are doing is combining lot 29 and 28; I reccomended approval,” said County Planner Jordan Rockwell. 

The County planning commission met Monday evening, approving a minor lot combination, and electing officers. (Left to right) Rusty Orick, Rob Woodson, Marie Ayers, Dewayne Gibson and Greg Leach.

Also approved was a lot abandonment on Anchor Lane for Donald Massengale.

Rockwell said he saw no problem with this request and that he had already talked to Campbell County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck about it. 

This will also have to go through the county commission for final approval. 

A brief discussion was held regarding a joint permanent easement revision that Rockwell brought up to the planning commission for consideration. 

The revision, if approved, would be to the county’s policy regarding maximum lots on joint permanent easements.

The revision states: “There shall be a maximum of four lots using an easement.  Under no circumstances should a subdivision off an easement be approved that would result in more than four lots using an easement, whether it be an existing easement or a newly constructed easement.”

Rockwell said he would have to hold a public hearing on this revision before the planning commission votes on it. A date for the public heating has not yet been determined.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/07/2023-6AM)