LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- On Oct. 9 around 6 pm LaFollette Police Officer Anthony Mahar was dispatched to West Central Avenue where it was reported there was a driver of a white Buick that was swerving. Mahar was able to located the vehicle and follow it to observe it. When the driver stopped at the traffic light they appeared to be passing out, the report said.

The vehicle crossed the center yellow line three to four times, according to a report from the LaFollette Police Department. At this point Mahar stopped the vehicle in the Family Dollar parking lot.

Mahar made contact with the driver identified as Charles Edward Ayers and told him he had been stopped due to crossing yellow line. Ayers told Mahar he was having trouble with the shocks on his car. Ayers was asked to step out of the vehicle and walk back to Mahar’s patrol car. Once at the car, Mahar asked Ayers if he had taken anything that would affect his ability to operate a vehicle; Ayers denied this. Mahar then asked if had taken or used any kind illegal substance that would impair his driving. Again Ayers denied this.

He was asked to perform a field sobriety test and requested to speak with the lieutenant or Sgt. Noah Riggs, the report said. Mahar told him that neither of them was available and ask again if he was willing to perform the test. This time he agreed. After performing unsatisfactorily on the tests, Ayers was arrested. While searching Ayers and his personal items Mahar allegedly located a clear plastic bag that had a crystal-like substance in it in Ayers’ wallet. He allegedly reported he bought the Meth off of a lady.

Ayers, 39, 117 Pecan Courts Apt. 102, LaFollette is charged with driving under the influence (DUI), possession of schedule II controlled substance, failure to maintain lane and drivers to exercise due care.