TOP PHOTO: Rehab Director and Doctor of Physical Therapy Chris Mathews and Certified Orthotist Regina Adcock stand in front of the mobile Orthotics and Prosthetics lab. Tennova-LaFollette Medical Center is now offering Orthotic and prosthetics services quarterly at its Woodson’s Mall location.

Little two and a half year old Sarah Patton had custom orthotics made on Wednesday at Tennova LaFollette Rehabilitation Center in Woodson’s Mall. Certified Orthotist and Pediatric Specialist Regina Adcock with Choice Orthotics and Prosthetics, right and Physical Therapist Assistant Mary Ann Hendren, standing.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Tennova-LaFollette Medical Center launched its new orthotics and prosthetics services on Wednesday at its Tennova-LaFollette Rehabilitation Center in Woodson’s Mall. The new service specializes in both pediatric and adult care and will be offered quarterly at the physical therapy clinic there.

According to Rehab Director and Doctor of Physical Therapy Chris Mathews, it is for children and adults and can provide custom orthotics by taking foot molds and creating foam inserts to improve alignment and walking.  

Certified Orthotist and Pediatric Specialist Regina Adcock was at the Tennova Rehabilitation Center for most of the day on Wednesday taking foot molds for custom orthotics. She is with Choice Orthotics and Prosthetics and came in her mobile lab which gives her the capability to make on-site adjustments and modifications to orthotics and prosthetics. 

A Tennova LaFollette Rehabilitation Center Physical Therapy Assistant has a foot mold taken on Wednesday for custom orthotics by certified Orthotist and Pediatric Specialist Regina Adcock, right.

Little two and a half year old Sarah Patton had to have custom orthotics with carbon plates to stiffen the sole and help prevent toe walking.  Her mother, Nikki Whitten, said it was great to now have this service offered close to home. 

“They are wonderful to work with. It’s a great service that’s close to home, and it really helps to have someone specialize in pediatrics because they are patient with her,” Whitten said. 

Mathews said Tennova recognized the need for adult and pediatric orthotics and prosthetics services in the area and wanted to provide the service to the community. 

“When we make a determination of whether or not people need orthotics, we look at things like do they walk on the sides of their feet, are they flat footed, is there pain when they walk and where is it located. Sometimes strength training will help, but other times orthotics in conjunction with therapy services is what’s needed,” Mathews said. 

With children, they can treat multiple issues such as toe walking, in-toeing and others.

Mathews said Tennova was excited to be offering the services to both adults and children.

“It’s a chance for us to show the county we have a focus on pediatric care,” Mathews said.

Certified Orthotist and Pediatric Specialist Regina Adcock demonstrated taking a foot mold.

This will be offered quarterly, so once every three months, a day will be dedicated to offering these services at Tennova-LaFollette Medical Center’s Woodson’s Mall location.

Future plans include offering these services for amputees who need prosthetics fittings and modifications.

Insurance benefits can be used or patients can choose to cash pay as well.

Those interested can contact the outpatient center at 423.907.1720.  It is located at 2221 Jacksboro Pike, C-19 at the mall on the Jacksboro side. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/12/2023-6AM)

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