CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- The second Friday of each month families caught in a domestic crisis can seek help at a free clinic.

From 10am until 1 pm the Claiborne County Family Justice Center is onsite at the Clearfork Community Institute offering services for victims of domestic violence. The Family Justice Center (FJC) partners with other victim-centered agencies to provide services onsite at the institute. The clinic is open to anyone who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, human trafficking, elder abuse, and child abuse. All services are free and confidential. 

The location was selected to fill a service gap, according to Josh McFarland, Eighth Judicial District assistant district attorney general. The Clearfork Community Institute is located in Clairfield, which is central to northern Campbell County and western Claiborne County.

“The idea was to take the FJC to them (the victims) if they can’t get to us,” McFarland said.

The clinic is free and open to the community.

At the clinic, victims can gain access to needed resources such as housing, food, legal services, even diapers and formula, he said.

“Everybody knows somebody who could use” the services of the FJC, according to McFarland.

The services of the FJC have no geographical boundaries. A victim doesn’t have to live in the same location of the clinic or a FJC to receive services.

“Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence,” McFarland said. “If they need services they can come and get services.”

A FJC offers a centralization of resources. There is no limit to the number of times a victim can seek the services. Because it often takes time for a victim to leave an abuser, FJC staff is focused on support and empowerment.

To ease the frustration, and confusion, of victims, staff at the FJC and the clinic offer support as well as continuity in the case, McFarland said. Staff at the center strives to stay in contact with victims to keep them informed of the case.

The hope is to help victims find resolution in these situations.

“We want to try and find a way to prevent them from needing to come back,” McFarland said.

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