TOP PHOTO: Brittany Farris is in her element surrounded by her second grade students at Jacksboro Elementary School.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – There are only two statewide honorees in the Tennessee Education Association’s “Distinguished Classroom Teacher – Category 3.” One is from Nashville, and the other is Jacksboro Elementary School’s Brittany Farris. Farris and the other recipient along with other category winners will be honored tonight at the TEA banquet.

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“When the call came, I ignored it. It looked like a spam call, but when I heard the message, I called right back,” said Farris. She explained that she was absolutely shocked when she heard the news. “I figured a statewide award like this would go to someone in a much bigger town, and I was taken aback when I learned that there were only two teachers receiving the award,” said Farris.

Brittany Farris is a Speedwell native, on the Union County side, and attended Powell Valley Elementary and Middle Schools, Cumberland Gap High School and LMU.

The Distinguished Educator Awards, a TEA tradition since 1982, honors public education professionals who inspire students, parents, colleagues, and the community through their talents, leadership, and community service.

TEA President Tanya Coats personally came to Jacksboro Elementary School last month to pin Farris.

“She’s always a team player, and she is always really up for anything,” said fellow second grade teacher Tiffany Baird.

The President of the TEA personally pinned Farris at JES. “Congratulations for all the hard work that you’ve done for your students, your school and the community,” said Tanya Coats.

Farris is in her third year teaching second grade at JES. Overall, she has taught for seven years.

The event begins Friday at 6:30pm.

Britney Allen emphasized Farris’ willingness to help. “She’ll step in and help anybody who asks a question. I’ve been here at JES longer than she has, and even I have questions,” said Allen, a fellow second grade teacher. “She’ll step in and do anything for you,” said Allen.

Brittany’s parents encouraged her that getting an education would lead her to a successful life.

“I’ve just been really excited about all the support I’ve received here at JES,” said Farris.

Though tonight’s Gala will be held in a big city, Knoxville, the spotlight will shine on a deserving school teacher from a small town. Congratulations, Miss Brittany! (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/06/2023-6AM)