TOP PHOTO: Campbell County property tax notices are expected to be mailed out next week.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- County property taxes can be paid starting today, even though notices haven’t been mailed yet.

“Those should go out (in the mail) the second week of October,” said Campbell County Trustee Monty Bullock. People can come to his office and his staff can find what taxes are due,” he said.

Paying the taxes before Su., Nov. 5, comes with a two percent discount while paying before Tue., Dec. 5, offers a one percent discount.

“Taxpayers who receive a voucher should wait until they receive those, which will be around mid- month,” Bullock said.

There are also discount programs available for senior citizens and disabled veterans, according to Bullock.

Senior citizens who have an income of $33,460 a year or less can apply for the voucher programs.

Taxes must be paid in full to apply.

The approval process begins with the taxpayer completing an application at the trustee’s office. The application is then sent for approval. If approved, a refund check will be issued to the taxpayer.

If approved, they will see a $94 reduction on their property taxes, Bullock said.

“Senior citizens can also apply for the Tax Freeze program. For this program, taxpayers 65 and older will see their taxes remain the same on their properties regardless of any tax increases that could occur in the future,” he said.

Furthermore, if a senior citizen is approved for one program, they will be approved for the other.

“Veterans who became permanently disabled during the course of their service also qualify for a discount,” Bullock said. This year the discount will be $530.

They, too, must pay their taxes in full the apply for the voucher. If granted, they will receive a refund as well.

With the voucher programs, the first year is the only year where a refund is issued. Afterwards, the discount will be in effect each year.

In the event, someone is unable to come to the trustee’s office, Bullock said he will come to their home to pick up payments.

For more information, call 423-562-5185. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 10/2/2023- 6AM)