TOP PHOTO: City leaders showed their support for La Follette Mayor Cliff Jennings on Tuesday as the mayor was the Rotary Club’s guest speaker.  (Left to right) LUB General Manager Kenny Baird, Parks and Recreation Director Johnny Byrge, Mayor Cliff Jennings, Assistant Fire Chief Keith Fraley, City Administrator Stan Foust, Fire Chief Jimmy Pack, Chief of Police Steve Wallen and Vice Mayor Wayne Kitts

City of La Follette Mayor Cliff Jennings guest spoke at Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – LaFollette’s longest consecutive serving mayor Cliff Jennings guest spoke at Tuesday’s South Campbell County Rotary Club luncheon.

Jennings is a veteran who served two years in the military and 14 months in Vietnam. He was in the radio industry for 43 years as well. 

Jennings spoke about different projects going on in the city, including businesses moving in, paving and other updates.

According to Jennings, big changes are in the works for the 18 acres of property the city owns across from Murphy’s gas station. HERE is a related story WLAF brought you last month.

“We’re looking to put in four turf baseball fields, four tennis courts, a motel, a nice sit down restaurant and a small type mall,” Jennings said.

Environmental studies have already been completed on the project and several businesses have committed to move to the location, according to Jennings.

“My pet project is cleaning up our city. I have pushed the codes department about the cleanup,” Mayor Jennings added. 

Jennings also updated attendees on the Beech Street paving project, saying the drainage system would have to be completed before paving could start. 

He talked sidewalks briefly, indicating sidewalk expansions were in the works from Indiana Avenue to Tank Springs. Other sidewalk expansions will go from Indiana Avenue to Charley’s Pizza.

“The council has committed $1.8 million for paving for this year. This council is committed to improving our paving,” Jennings said. 

Upgrades to the city’s flea market area include a new concession stand, and new portable restrooms that can be used at different venues throughout the year.

He talked about possible changes to Depot Street (South 5th Street) with a new splash park and swimming pool for kids. 

“My pet project is cleaning up our city. I have pushed the codes department about the cleanup,” Jennings added. 

We are in the process of cleaning it up. People on their own are cleaning it up. LaFollette has really progressed and not because of me, but because I have one of the best councils; and Mr. Foust (City Administrator Stan Foust) has done a good job too. Our employees have the city’s best interest at heart,” Jennings said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/19/2023-6AM)