LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “My neighbor said it sounds like there’s a cat under the hood of my van,” said Meghan Paul, manager at Bea’s Flower Shop. It was a Saturday morning, and the van had been parked in front of the shop since Friday evening.

Meghan Paul points to where Oliver, the cat, was when she lifted the hood of the van.

“I went over to the passenger side tire and could see an orange cat, and then he went where I couldn’t see him, but he could not get out. Once we lifted the hood, the cat was freed, but wild,” said Paul.

“I could see him from here, and he’d come and go to me, but I still could not get him out without lifting the hood,” said Paul.

Paul said she wasn’t sure if the cat, named Oliver, made his way under the hood after Friday’s final delivery or if he hitched a ride during one of the previous day’s runs. Somehow the stowaway was able to escape injury.

Even though Oliver now owns the place, we’re not sure if a rent increase is in the works for the flower shop.

“We brought him into the shop, and he ran all over the place, just out of control. Then we put him in the bathroom and fed him, and he’s been tame ever since,” said Paul. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/14/2023-6AM)

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