Blalock, Mark Dewayne, age 53 of 111 Cherokee Trail, Jacksboro for possession, manufacturing, delivery, and sale of a schedule II controlled substance.

Boggs, Jason, age 46 of Jacksboro for court imposed to serve time.

Brown, Polly Ann, age 57 of 204 Liberty Street, Jacksboro for aggravated assault.

Douglas, Carla Edwina, age 41 of 146 Austin Lane, Newcomb for aggravated assault.

Ellison, Toby Quinton, age 39 of 280 North 4th Avenue, Jacksboro for false reports.

Fritts, Hubert Raymond, age 61 of 709 Kentucky Street, Jellico for domestic assault.

Goins, Shawn Paul, age 37 of 712 Cross Valley Road, La Follette for driving on revoked/suspended.

Hatfield, Natasha Reanna, age 34 of 433 New Clear Branch, Rocky Top for driving on revoked driver’s license.

Hawkins, Danielle Faith, age 26 of 349 Ridenour Lane, Jacksboro for public intoxication, driving on revoked/suspended, and possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

Johnson, Ray Lee, age 75 of 11 Hill Crest Road, Elk Valley for criminal trespassing.

Leach, Brandon Lee, age 41 of 107 Oxford Lane, La Follette for aggravated robbery, 3 counts of reckless endangerment, theft under $1,000 and attempted escape.

Morgan, Darrell Stephen, age 48 of 188 Mayhan Street, Jellico for burglary, criminal trespassing, vandalism, and vandalism over $10,000.

Murray, Michael Dewayne, age 28 of 502 South 7th Street, La Follette for theft of property $1,000 – $2,499.

Parker, Kayleigh Shawntina, age 20, homeless, for criminal impersonation.

Phillips, Michelle May, age 46 of 143 Court Lane, La Follette for theft of property under $1,000.

Randolph, Billy Joseph, age 44 of 428 Dilbeck Lane, Caryville for assault.