TOP PHOTO: Campbell County Commissioners held their monthly workshop Monday evening discussing multiple business matters for the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission held its monthly workshop on Monday evening, discussing upcoming agenda items, including insurance renewals, building and grounds issues, as well as several grants and other business.

Approval of budget amendments and other funding resolutions will be on the upcoming agenda, as will the Litigation tax resolution for General Sessions. This was voted on once before, but failed as it takes a super majority of ten and only had nine. 

Campbell County Mayor Jack Lynch gave his report, saying last weeks health fair at TCAT went well. 

“We hope our ambulance service will get more employees from recent graduates from the local classes. We’re beginning to gain a few people. As we gain more people we will hopefully be able to add another ambulance,” Lynch said.

Commissioner Rusty Orick discussed renewals for health insurance and liability insurance, cyber insurance, as well as insurance for the election commission, among others. 

“Medical Insurance is not going up, compensation insurance is going down by $43,000, but liability insurance took a big hit; ours increased by 12 percent at the bottom,” Orick said. These items will be presented at Tuesday’s Commission meeting on June 20 at 6pm. 

Several building and grounds items will also be on the agenda, including the emergency purchase of an air conditioner for the jail. The concrete work for the Jellico annex will also be on the agenda for approval. All were reccomended by the building and grounds committee. 

Changes to the personnel policy will be on the agenda as well. Commissioner Zach Marlow said the Rules and Ethics Committee was meeting Tuesday night at 6 pm in the upstairs courtroom. Commission Chairman Johnny Bruce asked that all commissioners attend as several laws will have to be changed.

Commissioner Scott Kitts announced the next Veteran’s breakfast is July 1st at First Baptist Jacksboro Church, and one will be held on Sept. 9th at Crouches Creek Church at Jellico. Veteran’s Breakfasts start at 8:30 am. 

Kitts also said he would be carrying a resolution for the senior citizens tax freeze program. 

Kitts asked Campbell County Trustee Monty Bullock to explain the Tax freeze for senior citizens. 

According to Bullock, 24 counties in the state give a tax freeze benefit. It’s for 65 and older citizens; if they sign up and get approved for the program, their taxes won’t go up any more. 

“It’s a good program for senior citizens or disabled. We also have the tax relief. We did this about 12 years ago. 

The tax freeze is 65 or older. For the tax relief, there is no age limit, but they have to meet the income limit. We also have program for disabled vets,” Bullock said.

Commissioner Dewayne Kitts said he had some informational items to discuss, including the upcoming Tally Town Festival. “They need volunteers for that,” Dewayne Kitts said. 

Commissioner Beverly Hall discussed the pauper cemetery. She said it was “shocking” how unkept it was.

“We’re going to have to get it up to par and keep it that way. I’m asking the commission to do something about this. We need grave markers. We don’t even know where they’re buried,” Hall said. 

According to Commissioner Dewayne Gibson, the mayor had it mowed and a lot of the brush had been removed from the fence. “It’s getting better, but we have a ways to go,” Gibson said. 

Commissioner Zach Marlow asked if the county had any idea how many people were buried there.

The County Mayor said he did not know, but that it was an acre and a half of property.

County Attorney Joe Coker said he had done some research on the cemetery.  “The cemetery was started in the early 1900s for people who were living on the “poor farm.” Some of the other early people buried in the cemetery were hobos that had died coming through on the train,” Coker said. 

“I’ve heard they are buried in cardboard boxes; we have to do better, I don’t care if they are hobos or who,” Hall said. Commissioners said they would look into improvements for the cemetery and to continuing cleanup efforts. 

Property Assessor Brandon Partin addressed the commission regarding the need for approval to enter into an agreewith a lawyer for representation in appeals court.

“We have an appeal on a personal property value for Knox Energy. Two other counties are dealing with this same situation with Knox Energy. The attorney we have spoken with is Mr. Robert Lee. I would like to enter into a retainer agreement with Mr. Lee to represent my office and the county in this appeal hearing,” Partin said.

The funds will be paid out of his office’s legal services budget line. Commissioner Tyler King will carry this agenda item. 

Campbell County Sheriff Wayne Barton asked the county commission to add several items to the agenda, including an agreement between the Sheriff’s department and the Jellico Police Department for employees covering shifts in Jellico, as well as a surplus sale on a vehicle. 

Grants briefly discussed that will be on next week’s agenda include a resolution of support for a Multi-modal Access Grant for the Greenway from Cove Lake State Park to Jacksboro. The county would have to match 5 percent, which is $62,000 and would cover the first phase. The state will cover $1.2 million. The funds will come from the recreation budget.

A resolution in support of applying for a Litter Control Grant and a proposal for Environmental Consulting Services will also be on the agenda.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/13/2023-6AM)