LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The LaFollette City Council voted yesterday afternoon to move forward with the process of purchasing a 10X20 electronic billboard. The first steps in the process are to have a survey on the property where the sign will be placed and apply for permits for the billboard. The council chose to place the sign next to fire station #2 near the high school.

Freeman Park is having a name change; the new name will be Freeman Corner. The change will allow for the possibility of a restaurant in the downtown area that wishes to serve alcohol.

Councilman Wayne Kitts made a motion to appoint Joe Snodderly to the LaFollette Utility Board. The motion was approved. The council approved the Pugh and Company audit contract. Two event permits were approved, Coolidge Ridge Missionary Baptist Church and Alan Miller’s Ghost walk. The city will hold a city wide yard sale during the second week of July. Mayor Cliff Jennings feels this is a positive thing for the city and hopes to bring people into the city.

A bid for street paving by Rogers Group for $1,175,952 was approved. Streets included in the bid are West Ave, S 13th St, Cherry St, North Ave, E. Walden St, Aspen St, W. Prospect St, N. 15th St, N. 21st St, N. 27th St, W. Walden St, 17th St, Iveydale, Oak Street, S. Massachusetts Ave, Technology Drive, Hilltop Drive, S. 14th St, S. 16th St, Country Club Rd, S. 12th St, E. Hill Street, Pleasant Ridge Rd, E. Virginia Ave, and S. 6th St. The public works department needs to rent equipment for the Brantley Lane project and some others in the city, the council approved the rental not to exceed $16,500.

Jared Dobbs was hired to full-time maintenance with the recreation department beginning June 17 at a salary of $28,879.20.

Keith Reynolds was awarded the most improved property for the month of June.

Ordinance 2023-08 abandoning a portion of unopened street located at South 16th street had a final reading, Ordinance 2023-09 amending the purchasing policy had a final reading. The policy will change the limits of purchases and how they are purchased. The policy will allow for items up to $10,000 to be bought without a bid or quote, items from $10,000 to $25,000 can be purchased with three quotes and purchases over $25,000 will require a bid. 

After the regular meeting was adjourned in session, the beer board convened for its meeting. Two beer applications were approved, one to Main Street Shell and the other to Zoyal Market. The Shell is at 219 West Central Avenue, and the market is at 1323 East Central Avenue next to the Eastgate Center. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/07/2023-6AM-UPDATED – 06/08/2023-6AM)