CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- Mild temperatures and mostly sunny skies with hit and miss chances of rain are the predicted weather this holiday weekend as area marinas prepare for their busy season.

“We are as ready as we can be,” said Joe Whited with the Tiki Hut at Deerfield. “We expect it to be packed all weekend. In fact, Whited said he spent most of Thursday watching boats being launched.

For the last few weekends, the Tiki Hut staff has been at work preparing the restaurant and themselves, he said.  

Part of that preparation has been adding new menu items. A turkey wrap was recently added, he said. This particular item is “refreshing” because it is not too heavy for a hot lake day, Whited said. But that is not the only item added. Popcorn shrimp, a chicken salad sandwich, cheesy toast and a Tiki Torch Wing have also been added. The Tiki Torch Wing is on the spicy side. “By that third one you are going to feel it on your lips,” Whited said.

Along with the menu items, the Tiki Hut has added additional seating.

Across the lake at Springs Dock Brian Costello and his staff of 50 are also prepping for the Memorial Day weekend. Their biggest addition for the summer season is now offering beer on tap, Costello said. For Costello, each season brings back his base clientele. For the last 40 years, Costelllo has seen the same faces return to his marina on Norris Lake. They cite the convenient location and “good, clean water” as their reasons for making Norris Lake their vacation spot, he said.

In Jacksboro, Indian River Marina is also expecting a crowd this weekend. “Memorial Day is one of our biggest weekends,” said Darcy Watts. Three bands will perform across the extended weekend, Watts said. On Friday, DJ Osborne will headline with Jason Ellis being the Saturday act and Tommy Brooks rounding out the weekend with a Sunday afternoon performance.  

As the summer progresses, Wing Wednesday with half price wings and trivia will return. This will run through mid- September.

Indian River has added boats to its rental fleet bringing that total up to 15, Watts said.

“We are ready to get this season started,” she said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 5/26/2023)