TOP PHOTO: Occupants of this home were ordered by officials with the City of La Follette to vacate by dusk on Wednesday. The house sits in the bend of the road next to the railroad tracks on North 15th Street.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Wednesday afternoon, officials with the City of La Follette made a visit to another house deemed unfit for human habitation. One house, on North 13th Street, had already been vacated and boarded up on the day. “We hit another house this afternoon,” said City of La Follette Administrator Stan Foust.

Foust tells WLAF News that this latest house is located the next block over from the house city officials closed up earlier in the day. Both homes are situated within eye shot of the 13th Street underpass, the latest at 204 North 15th Street.

Occupants were still in the process of moving out when this Wednesday evening photo was taken.

“A dog was taken from this home, and one person was cited,” said Foust. He goes on to say that the 15th Street house will be boarded up first thing Thursday morning. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/04/2023-6AM)

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  1. There is one on 12th st in LaFollette before the Beech St. intersection that really needs to be condemned. I am amazed that it has not fallen in and the trash piled up is ungodly.

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