TOP PHOTO: The South Campbell County Rotary Club celebrated its 50th year in 2022.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – South Campbell County Rotarians learned about Scouts BSA at Tuesday’s luncheon held at the LaFollette United Methodist Church.

Rotarian Zane Joyeuse who is the BSA Scouts Mount Cammerer District Executive with the Great Smoky Mountain Council spoke on Tuesday about the great things happening with scouting in the area.

Joyeuse spoke about scouting programs and several new units that he is in the process of starting in Campbell County.

Campbell County’s Cub Scout program served 64 youths in 2022. Cub Scouts is open to youngsters grade kindergarten through age 10.

Joyeuse said he wanted to get a Cub Scout troop started in the Jellico area as well.

Rotarian Zane Joyeuse who is the BSA Scouts Mount Cammerer District Executive with the Great Smoky Mountain Council spoke to fellow Rotarians on Tuesday about the great things happening with Scouting in the area.

“We need unit leaders, a meeting place and a charter organization to get this started,” Joyeuse said, adding that Scouts BSA “always needs enthusiastic supporters.”

Campbell County’s Troop 310 served 13 youth, while the female troop 435 served nine members. 

“It’s exciting to have started this female unit here in Campbell County and how well it’s doing,” Joyeuse said. 

He spoke about starting several new scouting units in Campbell County and that currently a Venturing Crew is in progress, which would be open to ages 14 to 20. This unit would have a “high adventure focus with activities like back packing, rock climbing and rafting.”

“We need adults and youth with interest in this program,” Joyeuse said.  He said he is working with Troop 310 Leader Chris Thacker on starting the unit. 

According to Joyeuse, he is also trying to get a Sea Scouts troop started in the area. This would be a water craft focused organization that would include experiences with boats, motor, sail, kayaks, canoes paddle boards and more. It would also be “high adventure with a nautical focus” while dealing with water safety, etc. 

Another unit he is pursuing to create in the future is a Career Exploring unit, with internship style programs. According to Joyeuse, any business can start a career exploring unit. 

“My biggest reason for being in this job is to try to get new units started in areas that otherwise wouldn’t be able to have it. Not all youth had the opportunities I had as a kid, and I just want to make sure that opportunity is available to all of them,” Joyeuse said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/26/2023-6AM)