TOP PHOTO: This is a view of how traffic will travel in the near future to go from Old Middlesboro Hwy to Hwy 63, the General Carl Stiner Highway.

Eagle I gives you a straight on view of the new turn off near Big O’s East that will take you from the new road to the old road.

By Charlie Hutson

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – It was a busy Monday morning near Big O’s east location, as work got underway to start paving the future Hwy 63E turn off, that will take motorists to the Old Middlesboro Hwy. A new traffic pattern could be put in place as early as today.

Work began early Monday morning on the new Old Middlesboro Hwy turn off near Big O’s East.

As part of the work on the SR-63 (Stiner Hwy) widening project in Campbell County, the contractor intends to shift traffic onto the new alignment of Old Middlesboro Road, possibly Tuesday. This work is altering the location of the intersection of SR-63 and Old Middlesboro Road several hundred feet in the direction of Harrogate at Big O’s East.

Access to the current intersection of Old Middlesboro will be eliminated, and all traffic will be routed to the new intersection after this work has been completed. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/11/2023-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON VIA EAGLE I)