By Matthew Moore

TOP PHOTO: Pictured are National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) Advisor Chandy Rogers, National Technical Honor Society honorees Lisa Phillips and Skylar Diehl, TCAT President Debbie Petree and TCAT Vice-President Tim Smith.

NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – The Tennessee Board of Regents held its fifth annual State Outstanding Awards Recognition (SOAR) event at Nashville on March 28 and 29, 2023, to recognize exceptional students, faculty, and staff from community and technical colleges. At the event’s student honors luncheon, National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) students from various campuses, including TCAT Jacksboro, were recognized.

Two NTHS members from each campus were selected to represent their school at the SOAR event, and Lisa Phillips and Skylar Diehl were chosen to represent TCAT Jacksboro. Diehl is a member of the Cosmetology program, while Philips is part of the Administrative Office Technology program. Both students received a SOAR medallion. Additionally, Don McNamara, TCAT Jacksboro’s veterans representative, was honored at the SOAR awards dinner.

When asked about her thoughts on the award, the 16 year old Diehl stated, “Mostly gratifying I think, it makes me realize my hard work is actually hard work and people recognize it.”

Chandy Rogers stands with Lisa Philips and Skylar Diehl, the two award winners.

The ceremony was held at the Sheraton Grande Nashville Downtown hotel, and after signing in and listening to a few speakers, attendees were called up on stage to receive their awards. Philips and Diehl proudly collected their awards before posing for pictures. After the ceremony, the two were offered a tour around the Tennessee State Capitol building. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 04/03/2023 – 6AM)