JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- It all started with a drive and a tea. That is how Karolyn Turner convinced her brother, Jason Bradford, to go into business with her.

That was in August 2022. The siblings started learning how to mix the loaded teas and drinks as they developed a plan for the store. By Nov. 4, 2022, the two had opened the doors of Jacksboro Nutrition.

“I set my goal of selling 100 drinks by the end of the first year,” Turner said. In January, that goal was met.

The first few weeks were slow, and then it “exploded,” Bradford said.

Customer service is the key to the store’s growth, he said. Greeting customers, taking the time to educate them on the different drinks and helping them find their favorite is what makes the staff at Jacksboro Nutrition stand out. Some customers don’t know what they want on their first trip to the store. Turner, Bradford and the staff said that gives them an opportunity to get to know their customers and tailor a drink for them.

While the ‘nutrition’ labeled stores are all part of a larger brand, each store is owned by an individual. This is what allows each location to become its own brand and develop its own promotions. In April, Jacksboro Nutrition is launching its spring and Easter specials. Some of the spring specials include an orange and peach drink called the “Fuzzy Bunny” and the “Lavender Fields” that offers lime add in.

These are available all month.

Loaded teas and shakes have become a hot commodity in recent years. The benefits of the drinks include an energy boost derived from a plant based caffeine while having virtually no sugar. “These drinks are very diabetic friendly,” Turner said. They also help with mental focus, according to Bradford.

The menu offers drinks for children as well. These are an electrolyte, caffeine free drink.

Jacksboro Nutrition also offers a variety of options to add to the drinks that have beneficial properties such as boosts for stomach issues and an immunity building add in.

While the store has a set menu of drink options, the staff also works to come up with their own combinations. The latest is the Purple Haze. It is a raspberry tea with a lime lift along with rainbow candy and blueberry blast add ins.

Bradford, who spent 21 years as an Air Force mechanic, works mixing the drinks and developing the flavor profiles. Turner, who had never owned a store before this, has enjoyed being out front where she has “met a lot of good people.” Both said the community has been welcoming to them.

To help grow the business, Jacksboro Nutrition offers online ordering with the QR code. It is about a 20 minute window from order being placed to the drink being ready.

Drink orders can be placed through the QR code.

Jacksboro Nutrition is located at 2707 Jacksboro Pike in the Belle Meade Center near Terry’s Pharmacy. The phone number is 423-223-5251. Hours of operation are from 6:30am to 7pm Monday through Friday. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 4/3/2023- 6AM)

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