JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- Larry Lovitt, a man facing an attempted second degree murder charge, appeared in criminal court Monday.

During the brief hearing, Lovitt pled not guilty and the Eighth Judicial District Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent him.

Lovitt, who is free on bail, was given a June 26 court date. That day was set as a status and motions day in the case.

The charges, which stem from a shooting that took place on Feb. 2 in the White Oak community, resulted in a female being airlifted for medical care.

Lovitt and his wife went to the victim’s home that morning following an argument the night before. The couple had allegedly argued about Lovitt’s relationship with the victim and her boyfriend, according to court records. Once inside the home, Lovitt found the victim and her boyfriend in a bedroom. His wife and the victim’s boyfriend left the room, leaving Lovitt alone with the victim.

In a statement given to officials, Lovitt admitted to being armed noting the victim mentioned the gun holstered on his right side. He further admitted to taking the gun from the holster and pointing it “in the air,” the report said. While Lovitt was able to recall these details to police, he noted that at some point he “blacked out.” He was able to allegedly tell police he did point the gun at the victim and later fired one round” at her hitting her in the abdomen.

Once the shot was heard by others in the home, panic ensued with the decision being made to drive the victim to the hospital due to the remoteness of the home’s location, the report said.

The victim was taken to the Tenova Medical Center in LaFollette where she was later airlifted to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

While the group was at the emergency room, police arrived and searched Lovitt’s car. A semi- automatic Smith and Wesson handgun with “a live round in the chamber and seven rounds in the magazine” was confiscated, court records said. Another magazine with eight 9 mm live rounds was also found in the driver’s door of the car. Police further noted blood in the vehicle where the victim was allegedly seated.

Witness statements indicate the argument that served as the alleged catalyst for the shooting was because the victim’s wife thought her husband, the victim and her boyfriend were “using illegal drugs,” the report said.

Lovitt was also indicted for employing firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, two counts aggravated assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. He will be arraigned Monday in criminal court.