TOP PHOTO: Two parked vehicles were struck by the car in the left lane on West Central Avenue.

The blue car was the second vehicle that was struck.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Not long after members of the First Baptist Church of La Follette had settled into their pews Sunday evening, a car wreck happened at 6:07 right out in front of the church.

No one was injured. However, a distracted driver, according to one person on the scene, was east bound when it struck a parked pick up truck and then a car. The two vehicles that were struck were parked in front of the church along West Central Avenue while the two owners were inside the church.

The initial point of contact was at this pick-up truck.

The car that triggered the mishap ended up in the middle of the east bound lanes facing in the opposite direction. La Follette bound traffic was funneled into one lane, the right lane, and then sent down South 9th Street to detour around the wreck.

La Follette Fire and Police responded. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/05/2023-7PM)

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  1. My Aunt and Uncle’s truck was totaled in the same situation in front of the church a few years ago. Current and past events would definitely keep me from parking in the front.

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