By Jennifer Fields, Director of Campbell County Schools

JACKSBORO, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – During this week, we take a moment to recognize the value of our school board members and their work to our students and our communities. This is a time to show our appreciation and to begin to better understand how school board members work together to provide leadership for our schools to build a future for our students.

The school board works closely with parents, education professionals, and community members to create the educational vision we want for our students. It then formulates goals, defines results and sets the course for a quality and equitable educational program for all students. The school board is accountable to the public. The school board also is a strong advocate for public schools and is responsible for communicating the needs of the school district to the public and the public’s expectations to the district.

These volunteer leaders are responsible for defining school district policy, approving the curriculum, maintaining school facilities, and adhering to state and federal education laws. Legal concerns and the complexities of school finance, including budgeting and taxation, require them to spend many hours in board training programs and personal study to enhance their understanding of these issues.

School board members are elected by their communities to manage the local schools. They oversee multimillion-dollar budgets, which fund education programs for more than 5,000 students in approximately 12 schools. Their personnel decisions affect more than 700 teachers, administrators, and support staff.  

Our deepest appreciation is extended to the dedicated men and women who make it possible for local citizens to participate in education. We honor the public servants of the Campbell County School Board whose commitment and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible:

Sharon Ridenour, Chair- District 2

Lisa Fields, Co-Chair- District 1

Johnny Byrge- District 3

Crystal Creekmore- District 5

Randy Heatherly- District 3

Josh James- District 4

Ronnie Lasley- District 4

Brent Lester- District 3

Jeffrey Miller- District 1

Steve Morgan- District 5

Please join us by saying thank you to our school board members during Tennessee’s School Board Appreciation Week! (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/24/2023-6AM)

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