TOP PHOTO: La Follette Police and Fire Units and the Campbell County EMS responded to a car wreck late Monday afternoon on Nevada Avenue where a nine-week old infant was rescued.

Emergency vehicles lined Nevada Avenue as an infant was rescued from a car that hit a telephone pole head on.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – La Follette Police Officers Anthony Mahar and Mallory Campbell rescued an infant from a car that wrecked into a utility pole. In the cold of Monday afternoon, the car turned from Central Avenue heading up Nevada Avenue soon turning left driving head on into a wooden telephone pole, according to video footage from the Ben Rogers Building Camera. WATCH HERE.

Mahar and Campbell made contact with 40- year- old Jessica Collins who was sitting in the driver’s seat unresponsive while the car’s engine was still running. The officers determined that Collins was unresponsive due to an overdose, based on the police report from LPD.

Collins was lifted from the 2007 gray Honda Accord and laid on the pavement. Mahar checked for a pulse and was unable to find one. Campbell started CPR on Collins while Mahar administered four milligrams of NARCAN to Collins’ right nostril just before 4:30pm. A La Follette Fire Department First Responder gave Collins four more milligrams of NARCAN, according to the LPD report. Collins woke up after the last dose.

As she stood up, Collins started looking around and asking if her nine-week old little girl was okay. “I told her that the baby was in the patrol car with Officer Campbell,” said Mahar. Three teenagers were also in the car when it crashed. LFD First Responders advised Collins that she needed to go to the hospital for further treatment though she refused to go.

La Follette Police Officer Anthony Mahar, left, talks with Jessica Collins, aqua shirt, after she was brought back from an unresponsive state via CPR and NARCAN.

According to the LPD report, Collins performed poorly on three field sobriety test and didn’t follow instructions when told to count to five.

Collins, of Roberts Road, Knoxville, was arrested and charged with DUI, drivers to exercise due care, failure to maintain lane, child abuse, neglect or endangerment and reckless endangerment. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/19/2023-6AM)