The Co-op’s Mike Welch, left, retires after more than 44 years. Campbell County Mayor Jack Lynch, right, attended Welch’s retirement celebration on Friday to read a proclamation honoring him for his many years of service.
(Photos courtesy of Mayor Jack Lynch)

 By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Numerous customers and friends turned up at the Co-op in LaFollette on Friday for Manager Mike Welch’s retirement celebration. After 44 and a half years at the Co-op, Welch is going to focus on farming his own land.

Most of his career was spent as the manager of the LaFollette branch of the Co-op.

The Claiborne Farmer Co-op’s General Manager Rick Keck was on site to wish Welch a happy retirement on Friday afternoon. 

“We appreciate Mike so much for his many years of service; 44 and a half years is a long time and he has shared so much knowledge with the customers over the years. People depend on him for that knowledge. We’re so happy for him to have a chance to farm and focus on his own land,” Keck said. 

Campbell County Mayor Jack Lynch attended to present and read a proclamation which honored Welch’s more than 44 years at the Co-op. 

“Mike has been an integral part of Campbell County farm heritage by working with farmers, businesses, and public services to provide help to all who come forth. Mike Welch has earned his retirement and the respect of many along the way,” Lynch said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/16/2023-6AM)