TOP PHOTO: Left to right are J.C. Miller, Jordan Rockwell, Rusty Orick and Rob Woodson.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Regional Planning Commission met Wednesday evening, approving three minor lot subdivisions.

First discussed and approved on the agenda was a minor lot subdivision for the Bolton property on Chambers Road in Jacksboro.

According to County Planner Jordan Rockwell, the request was “simple,” and he recommended approval. 

Also approved was a minor lot subdivision for Sean and Mindy Raab on Rainbow Lane in LaFollette. According to Rockwell, this too was a simple matter, and he recommended approval. 

Left to right are Planning Commission members Rusty Orick, Rob Woodson and Jerry Sharp.

Final business discussed and approved was a minor lot subdivision for Roger Greenwood on Island Ford Road in Jacksboro. According to Rockwell, there is access to the property from the main road, and he recommended approval on the request. 

Planning commission member Scott Kitts asked Rockwell to report on the possibility of a previously discussed bike trail from Jacksboro Middle School to Cove Lake State Park. Rockwell said plans had been drawn up by engineers and an estimate had been received, but the county would need to apply for the TDOT grant that could fund the project with a matching grant.

“We need county and political support to apply for these grants,” Rockwell said.

Campbell County Deputy Mayor Randy Brown said the bike trail project and possible grants to fund it was something the county mayor’s office was “looking into” and also meeting with members of the East Tennessee Development District about. 

“It needs community, city, and county support,” Rockwell said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/12/2023-6AM)