NASHVILLE, TN. (WLAF)- Several new laws are set to go into effect as a new year begins. Among them are:

  • A new law includes key legislation that provides tax relief to farmers. It exempts farmers from sales tax on items and services used for agriculture production, including building materials, repair services, and labor, among other expenses used in agriculture production. 
  • A new law will call for the reimbursement of eligible relatives of foster youth to support the cost of raising the child. It also expands eligibility to ages 18-21 for foster youth transitioning from state custody to adulthood to access services. 
  • A new law will strengthen privacy protections for Tennessee homeowners that do not want their home address easily accessible. The law allows homeowners to file a written request to the property assessor to have their first and last name appear as “unlisted” in the ownership field of online databases.
  • A new law requires the Department of Correction, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and the Department of Human Services that work with a nonprofit charitable organization to provide mandatory training to the appropriate personnel on the identification, intervention, prevention and treatment of human trafficking victims.
  • Under a new law emergency communications personnel are now eligible for early service retirement when the employing entity has elected to offer this benefit. The law requires the employing entity to be responsible for 100 percent of any increased cost necessary to provide this benefit to the emergency communications personnel.
  • A new law now allows for the notice of cancellation of a time-share contract to legally be made by email.
  • The new “Tennessee Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act,” requires anyone desiring an abortion-inducing drug to appear in person to obtain the drug, and that no manufacturer, supplier, pharmacy, physician, qualified physician, or other person will be able to provide the abortion-inducing drug to a patient via courier, delivery, or mail service. It also requires specific testing to take place before the drug may be administered.
  • A new law has enacted “Dallas’s Law,” which revises various provisions governing the training of both armed and unarmed security guards/officers, including the understanding of the legalities of the job, first aid, and de-escalation techniques.

The Tennessee General Assembly will convene Jan. 10 to begin the 2023 session of the 113th General Assembly. 

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 01/03/2023 – 6AM)