TOP PHOTO: Here’s where a La Follette man struck a support pole at the former West La Follette School.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A La Follette man is free on bond this morning after being arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) and leaving the scene of an accident.

Tuesday morning around 8am is when La Follette Police located Jonathan Taylor Baker near the former West La Follette School after allegedly leaving the scene of a wreck. Baker’s Jeep was said to have veered off West Beech Street and hit a support pole for an awning that leads from the now La Follette Community Center’s Gym to the sidewalk.

The Jeep also took out a lot of fence in addition to a support for the awning.

Baker, 26, 490 College Hill Road, La Follette, was charged with DUI, driving on a suspended, revoked or cancelled driver license, violation of the implied consent law and leaving the scene of an accident.

La Follette Fire Captain Dusty Davis works to separate the Jeep and the pole.

A November 29 court date is scheduled for Baker who is free on a $14,000 bond. This was Baker’s 17th arrest since 2014, according to jail records. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/17/2022-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF PARKS & REC DIRECTOR JOHNNY BYRGE)

9 Replies to “Baker free on bond after 17th arrest- DUI and leaving scene of accident”

  1. Someone who has this many offenses shouldn’t be allowed to be out on bond so they can keep abusing our legal system. He might actually kill someone next time.

    1. I totally agree. What kind of laws on the books allow this? I don’t agree with the 3-Strikes law that some states have, but seriously? Who does this person know because this guy obviously needs some jail-reflection time before he kills people!

    2. This is why he continues to do this, getting drunk and driving because they are not showing him any consequences for his actions. What happens next? He will kill innocent people.

  2. People driving on a revoked license with prior DUI convuctions, especially multiple convictions show a pattern that is going to continue as long as they are free and can get access to a vehicle to drive, therefore they are willingly and knowingly putting EVERYONE who might be in their path on the roadways in jeopardy of being killed or inured and have no regard for anyones safety including their own, or the destruction of personal property and the cost to replace or repair what they destroy, therefore they should be charged with multiple felonies and put in prison.
    WRECKLESS ENDANGERMENT with a deadly weapon x the numbers of cars traveling the road where they are caught, Driving on revoked license should be a felony after a miniumn of 3 counts and/or more than 3 prior arrests for DUI, Driving on Revoked, Drug Charges of any type, etc etc. It is a shame these people are allowed to run free and hurt or kill the good citizens who contribute to our society while only getting a smack on the hand for doing it. No wonder they don’t stop, they know they won’t be in jail for long and will be free to continue on destroying other people’s lives with their behavior

  3. WTH is going on in this town !? I can’t count the number of times I read about people with multiple arrest!! Whatever happened to 3 strikes your out!? No wonder all the criminals flock to Campbell county.

  4. 17 times but yet got bail. I can see that 2 new judges hasn’t changed things in this county. Why does he even have a vehicle registered in his name when he doesn’t have a driver’s license? He needs to be sent back to state prison where he can’t harm anyone.

  5. 17 arrest. It is by the grace of God that he hasn’t already killed someone. We are on the roads with our children and our grandchildren. It’s time for the it s to be taken care of and stop releasing these people that keep offending. Whatever happened to the three strike rule, 17 is uncalled for.

  6. He shouldn’t even be out of jail on bond he’s going to kill some innocent child or animal or any human he shouldn’t be out it’s rediculaious

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