JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission had a light agenda on Monday evening with sanitation issues still taking center stage. Watch the full meeting HERE on demand from WLAF.

At a sanitation committee meeting it was learned the county’s trucks are still not operable, and the money allocated in October to pay contractors to haul garbage from Towe String to the Scott County landfill is exhausted.

The answer came to that problem at the budget and finance meeting that followed, where a budget amendment was prepared that adds $63,000 additional dollars to the budget to pay for contracted services, bringing that item up to a total of $182,000. Commissioner Scott Kitts made the motion to approve the amendment but not everyone was on board with the added costs. Commissioners Beverly Hall and Scott Stanfield both voted “no”, and the motion was at first declared failed with only 7 “yes” votes. However, another commissioner had arrived in time for the meeting and voted in favor, giving it a simple majority of the full commission.

Kitts then made a motion to approve another amendment, adjusting the revenue side of the sanitation budget down by $40,000 due to shortfalls in collections for commercial trash and sale of recyclables. That amendment passed by a vote of 9-1 with only Stanfield voting against it.

At the workshop, new Mayor Jack Lynch introduced proclamations to honor a “Volunteer of the Year” and a “Junior Volunteer.” Bill Thompson was honored for his work over the last three years of organizing a local chapter of “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” which pulled in 300 volunteers to build 900 beds for children who do not have beds.

Landyn Ford was recognized as the “Junior Volunteer” for his work in volunteering at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital along with his efforts to develop the soon to be Caryville playground.

The workshop was relatively brief with no outside speakers, but the agenda for next week’s regular meeting includes a motion to allocate the Round 2 ARPA funds as recommended by the Infrastructure Committee. The county hopes to spend $1.2 million on waterline extensions, $750,000 on courthouse and jail renovations, $250,000 for a culvert in Valley View Estates, $350,000 for the Jacksboro Elementary School gym and $499,000 in payroll premiums, termed “Loyalty incentives” to county employees hired prior to April 1. With $414,194 already allocated for the sanitation budget, the total comes to $3,869,420.

Finally the commission also will vote on three resolutions requesting money from the State of Tennessee for additional prisoner board revenue, additional operating funds for the Veterans Affairs Office and a request for the Tennessee Department of Revenue to collect all hotel/motel taxes to remit to the county. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/16/2022-6AM)