TOP PHOTO: Cobie Herron with LUB preps this huge ditch to be filled back in before daybreak on Friday.

This area will be packed with gravel and then topped with cold patch asphalt before 6am Friday allowing all lanes of traffic to be open where Massachusetts Avenue crosses East Central Avenue.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Late Thursday afternoon, one LUB crew member said “it’s gonna be a long night.” He was absolutely right, because it was a little after 4am Friday before the last of three ditches was beginning to be filled in with gravel followed by a cold patch asphalt.

Water lines were replaced on Foot Hills Drive, between La Follette Middle School and the La Follette Post Office, on the four lane in front of the post office and lastly in the turn/inside east bound lane of the four lane near the Massachusetts Avenue intersection at the Tobacco Shop.

The last of three major projects to restore water to east side LUB customers is wrapping up here.

When WLAF News left the last project area around 3:30am, all customers, except a few, had water. The final customers water is due back on at any moment.

All lanes of traffic are expected to be back open by 6am near the Massachusetts Avenue intersection, according to one LUB official. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/28/2022-4AM)