TOP PHOTO: Bill Archer is a candidate for mayor of the City of La Follette.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (PAID AD) – My name is Bill Archer.  I was born and raised right here in La Follette, and I am a candidate for mayor. 

Rumors, tall tales and, in some cases, outright lies are told during campaigns.  This one is no exception.  It’s gotten back to me on more than one occasion that I’m running so I can hire a family member as a department head.  That is not true.

Candidates know, and you may know as well, that the mayor has no authority to hire or fire anyone who works for the City.  That is the responsibility of the city administrator and city council.

It’s very important to me that you know that as mayor, I will not recommend or allow the hiring of any of my family to work for the City.  That’s a recipe for conflict at work and at home.

Please allow me to me tell you the truth of what I will do if elected to be the next mayor of La Follette.  I just call it my to do list.

1 –  Create a sports and tourism council, to help La Follette maximize its share of the millions of dollars spent on sports and tourism.

2 – Create a Labor Day Fest, a smaller version of Boomsday.

3 – Increasing the frequency of road repairs and repaving with Beech Street as a priority.

4 – I will not support a tax increase under any circumstance.  Any of my goals that will require additional expenses to the City must be funded by increased revenue or grants.

5 – A $20 minimum wage for all City employees.

6 – Exploring a one-time tax break for any new construction; residential or commercial where all materials used from start to completion were purchased from business within the city limits.

7 – Increased support by the City toward veterans and seniors.

8 – Apply for all grants available to the City.

9 – Through grants, I’d like to see the City construct sidewalks connecting Downtown to Woodson Mall.

10 – Every year, each department has a “wish list.”  I plan on meeting with each department head to develop a plan of action that will make these wish lists become reality.

In closing, I realize I might not achieve all this during my term, but it’s good for the City to have high goals to shoot for in one united effort to achieve.  This is the only way I see La Follette elevating itself to a higher level of success is by doing so together.

I am a retired widower of three grown children who each live their own successful lives, so I have all the time that will be necessary and required to raise La Follette to the next level of success.

I’m Bill Archer candidate for Mayor of La Follette this November, and I hope you have a blessed day!! (10/03/2022-6AM-PAID FOR BY BILL ARCHER)