LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Promotions topped the LaFollette City Council workshop on Monday afternoon. At today’s regular monthly meeting (Nov. 1, 5:30pm-City Hall), council will vote on six promotions.

The police department will have five promotions beginning with Chesni Orick to a full-time Police Clerk at a salary of $29,993.60, Michael Satkowski to a full time Sergeant at a salary of $38,800.11, Aaron Adkins to a full time Sergeant at a salary of $38,800.11, Noah Riggs to a full time Detective Sergeant at a salary of $39,139.08 and Jami Hall to a full time Detective Sergeant at a salary of $39,139.08. If approved, all promotions will be effective Nov. 5. The sixth promotion on the agenda is promoting Angela Hughes to a full-time public works secretary effective Nov. 5 with a salary of $29,993.60.

Council will vote on adding an additional canine to the LaFollette Police Department with Lieutenant Matt Forsyth. Forsyth explained that the department has the money to purchase the dog in the drug fund. He continued that a dog would cost between $10,000 and $13,000, and the department could possibly have the dog within a month but will need more time to be fully trained.

In other business matters, council discussed the employee health insurance renewal with Jon Finley of E.E. Hill & Son Insurance. He shared good news with the council that the current health insurance plan cost has decreased. Council will vote on the plan at today’s meeting.

Three months ago council agreed to open the library Mon-Sat and then revisit the discussion again at the October monthly meeting. Yesterday afternoon council discussed the number of patrons the library has seen on Saturday’s. The library has had on average three patrons on Saturday’s, council decided to close the library on Saturday moving forward.

Councilman Mark Hoskins requested council look at the code enforcement salary, currently the salary is $30,000 per year and he would like to see the salary be raised to equal other department heads. This could result in a $6,000 raise. Council will vote on the raise this afternoon.

A change order of $3,000 will be on Tuesday’s agenda for the Towe String Rd project that was completed in September.

The recreation department requested permission for soliciting bids on the water park repairs and erecting a new metal building.

Resolution 2022-23 authorizing the City of LaFollette to participate in the Public Entity Partners (PEP) Risk Management Pool Property Conservation Matching Grant Program and Resolution 2022-24 and amending the 2022/2023 Budget will be on Tuesday’s agenda for approval.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/01/2022-6AM)