TOP PHOTO: Master magician and Campbell High alum Michael Messing brought his show to Campbell County elementary schools Friday and to other schools here in the near future all the while emphasizing attendance to students.

Students at Jacksboro Elementary School filed into the gym in their green Peoples Bank of the South T-shirts on Friday afternoon ahead of a Michael Messing Magic Show.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – It’s a campaign started in 2016 by the folks at Peoples Bank of the South, and that is to encourage students the importance of school attendance. The bank hosted more magic shows on Friday at a couple of local schools with the theme of school attendance taking center stage.

Mark Honaker of Peoples Bank of the South shares the message of the importance of being at school everyday. “If you had not been here today, look what you would have missed,” said Honaker at the Jacksboro Elementary School.

“We had fun with the students all the while emphasizing attendance, and Michael Messing is our guest entertainer again,” said Mark Honaker with Peoples Bank of the South. Messing, who grew up in La Follette, is one of the country’s premier magicians, and he performed for the events.

Magician Michael Messing starts this magic act with an empty, clear box.

The event took place Friday at La Follette Elementary School at 8:30am and then at Jacksboro Elementary School at noon and 1pm. On Thu., Sep. 29 at Wynn School and Fri., Oct. 7 at Valley View are the other dates for the event.

Through the art of magic, dollar bills showed up in Messing’s once empty box.

“Each student and teacher received one of our green T-shirts. I think we printed up about 1,900 shirts,” said Honaker. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/26/2022-6AM)

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  1. It’s a good way to build loyalty. Back around 1955 or 56, I played(not very well) little league ball in Lafollette and my team was the People’s Bank team. Ever since then, when I have had something going on that required me to go to a bank in LaFollette, I ALWAYS go to Peoples. I always will. I am a writer, and any of my readers will tell you that the characters in my books always bank and get their loans at Peoples. Since my books sell on Amazon, Peoples is known from the U.S., to Australia, to Italy, to Scandinavia. I’m a one-man PR team . LOL

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