Campbell’s Glenda Davis breaks up an Anderson County attack.

By Amber Cowell

CLINTON, TN (WLAF) – For their third game in four days the Lady Cougars traveled to Anderson County Thursday night to take on the Lady Mavericks.  Always an entertaining rivalry, this match did not disappoint.

The Lady Mavs came out fast and fierce to start the game and scored in the fourth minute with an outstanding shot from thirty yards outside of the goal that soared just out of reach above the keeper.  The Mavs quickly followed up with another goal well outside of twenty yards that again went above the outstretched hands of Lady Cougar Kylie Ivey.  This rapid fire from Anderson County seemed to jolt the Lady Cougars, and Assistant Coach Matt Schroeder, filling in for Head Coach Jason Austin, who had to miss the game, decided to make a change to the line up as he swapped keeper Kylie Ivey and forward Sage Elwin which proved to be a sound move.  

Once Campbell County read Anderson County’s attack plan, the defense became determined to not allow Anderson County to get a clear look at the goal which made it difficult for the Mavs to score another goal for the first half.  The game continued with Anderson County taking shots with no success and the Cougars offense not being much of a threat to the Maverick keeper.  Late in the half, Campbell’s Lauren Asher was awarded a yellow card for tripping a Maverick when battling for the ball.  She was required to leave the field for one play which ended the half with a score 2-0.

Left Defensive Wing, Meredith Bell clears the ball for the Lady Cougars.

Although not privy to Matt Schroeder’s half-time speech, it must have been powerful.  The Lady Cougars came out and were no longer resigned to only keeping the ball out of their own goal.  The team played with more energy, power and urgency than in the prior half.  The second half of the match was dominated by the Campbell County defense.  Not satisfied with merely clearing the ball, the defense passed strongly and challenged the Maverick forwards to make sure if they were to actually take a shot, it wasn’t a clear one.

Lady Cougar Sage Elwin had a stellar game in goal with more than thirteen saves and strong goal kicks, she was agile and fearless.  In a 50-50 ball, Campbell’s Marissa Nelson won the challenge and was then blatantly fouled by an Anderson County player which earned the player a yellow card.  The Cougars were able to get a few looks at goal in the second half but were not successful.  The game ended with a final score of 2-0.

Campbell’s Lauren Asher takes a throw in to the awaiting offense

Soccer is a physical, grueling game that does not afford teams time-outs, pads, helmets nor mouth guards.  Players know that when you are on the field there is only one gear – GO, and when you leave the field you will probably have bruises, cuts, possibly blood and you will be sore the next day.  Knowing this does not stop the Lady Cougars, it seems to fuel the team.  

With a week of three extremely well played games there is now rest, until Monday and it all starts again as the team travels to Bell County, KY. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/16/2022-6AM)