September 2022 County Calendar

JACKSBORO, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission will be meeting in Special Called Session at 6:00 PM on Tuesday September 6, 2022, at the Courthouse in Jacksboro. 

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and take any necessary action relative to the management and operation of the Campbell County Environmental Services Department. To comply with Tennessee Code, election of a Commission Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will take place at the beginning of this meeting.

CORA holds its regular monthly meeting Tue., 7pm, at the courthouse.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/05/2022-6AM)

4 Replies to “Special called County Commission meeting Tue., 6pm; CORA meets at 7pm”

  1. The existing conditions are a total disgrace. Someone with business management experience and strong leadership skills needs to be running every department of government!

    1. I agree Jerry & evidently Chuck has never had to deal with the commisioners. Bill can’t get any help with equipment thats not working or hiring of more employees for the dump. They need to stop blaming Bill & stary doing their jobs at helping him with these problems. He is the sanitation manager he is not a miracle worker.

  2. The commission creates ALL of the problems at the Towestring dump. They have never provided the proper amount of funding the Environmental Services department needs to operate proficiently. It seems every time a new set of commissioners is elected, somebody new wants control of that committee.

    The leadership position, which Bill Rutherford now holds, has become probably the most political position in the county since Jerry Cross fired Tip Jones for political reasons. Whoever takes that position has to fight the politics more than trying to do the job.

  3. When Tip Jones was let go of that position, He left it with a surplus money and good equipment, he kept it on the up and up.

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