LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The LaFollette City Council met yesterday afternoon with several items on the agenda. Jay Willoughby was present to talk with the council about donating money to the Senior Citizens Center Meals on Wheels program.

Willoughby explained he had received a call from the secretary at the senior center who reported they were facing a possible $30,000 short fall for the upcoming year. He reported that typically the center receives funding from the LaFollette Medical Board but had failed to receive money for this fiscal year for an unknown reason. The program delivered 12,000 meals last year and each meal cost between $3.70- $4. Councilman Mark Hoskins requested to see a budget from the center, and Willoughby stated he was working on some spreadsheets for the center and would get the information back to the council.

Up next on the agenda was operating hours for the library. Mayor Phillip Farmer stated the library was supposed to be open on Saturday’s but has not been open. Librarian Nancy Green reported that library had been open on Saturday prior to Covid, but when the library closed and reopened, they opened a few Saturdays but did not have enough patrons to justify being open, so they discontinued Saturdays. After some discussion it was decided the library would be open from 9 am-1 pm on Saturday for a few months. The hours will be reevaluated at that point to see if they will remain open on Saturday or discontinue the hours.

A quote for cameras in the administrative hallway was received by Todd Overbay for $2,562.97. The council will vote on accepting the bid on Tuesday night at the regular monthly meeting.

Six promotions are on the agenda for the monthly meeting. Promoting Keith Fraley to assistant fire chief at a salary of $40,715.58 effective Sept. 10 will be up for a vote. Four promotions for the police department are slated to be voted on beginning with Homer Herrell to a full-time Lieutenant at a salary of $41,715.44 effective Sept. 10; Raymond Surber to a full time patrol officer at a salary of $35,596.91 effective Sept. 10; Jesse Ferguson to a full time patrol officer at a salary of $35,596.91 effective Sept. 10 and Shane Tileman to a full time patrol officer at a salary of $35,596.91 effective Sept. 10. One promotion will be voted on for the public works department, and that is of Dillion Longmire to a full-time sanitation laborer at a salary of $26,437.22 effective Sept. 10.

Two ordinances will have a final reading. Ordinance 2022-11 amending Title 8 Chapter 2 of Alcoholic Beverages and Ordinance 2022-12 amending personnel policy regarding personal relationships. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/30/2022-6AM)