TOP PHOTO: Here’s a look at the sinkhole area from last week. Since, the area where the road is sinking has spread.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – State Representative Dennis Powers met with officials from TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) and the City of La Follette on Friday at the sinkhole site where Towe String Road meets Tennessee State Route 9 (the four lane). The sinkhole, discovered earlier last week, has forced the closure to one lane coming off Towe String Road at the stop light on the four lane.

“We are trying to get some clarification on who is responsible for the repair expenses. It is not on state right-of-way, but was originally built by the state,” said Powers. He goes on to say that most projects that are built by the state are turned over to the municipality and the maintenance becomes the responsibility of the municipality.

“We are trying to determine if this is a maintenance issue or if it is an engineering issue. It is projected to be approximately a half-million dollar project to dig it and repair it,” said Powers.

Powers adds that he will stay in touch with TDOT to see if he can get them to repair it or reimburse the City for the repairs. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/15/2022-NOON)