CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – On Sunday morning, just before 12:30am, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Shayne Wilburn was on stationary patrol at Holley Gamble Funeral Home when he was notified by Deputy Gracie Cross that there was possibly an intoxicated driver in front of her. Cross was transporting an inmate to the jail heading up Hwy. 116.

Wilburn was able to pull out and get in front of Cross where he noticed a red vehicle, a 2023 Acura, was going 25mph in a 45mph posted zone. The driver of the four door sedan crossed the double yellow line three times in front of Wilburn, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

Wilburn turned on his emergency lights but the driver continued to drive for approximately a half mile before pulling over into someone’s driveway. Wilburn made contact with the driver and told him the reason for the stop. While asked for his license, registration and insurance and noticed the driver allegedly had slurred speech, glossy eyes and couldn’t concentrate on the task. He was unable to provide a license or proof of insurance, and he gave Wilburn a registration that was out of date. When Wilburn checked the registration, it came back to a deceased individual, as the driver of the car identified himself as Michael Mullins to Wilburn.

He was asked to step out of the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests, Wilburn noticed when he exited the vehicle he had to hold to the vehicle and propped himself against the vehicle for some of the testing. Based on the arrest report, Mullins performed unsatisfactorily on the test.

As Deputy Wilburn inventoried Mullins car, he came across mail addressed to Peter Mullins. After a check with Central Dispatch, the deputy learned that he was dealing with Peter Christopher Mullins and not Peter Mullins

Mullins, 57, 1903 Hwy 116 Route 1, Caryville was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), failure to maintain lane, criminal impersonation, violation registration law, violation of TN financial law and driving while suspended, revoked or cancelled drivers license. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/29/2022-6AM)