TOP PHOTO: Postmark Board Member Deborah Cathryn Purcell welcomes you to this latest “Our Bridges – Stories from When…” This month’s topic is Service to America.

By Matthew Moore

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Every first and last Wednesday of the month, Postmark Filmworks, in collaboration with WLAF, produces a television show entitled “Our Bridges – Stories from When…” The latest episode premiered Wednesday night at 8:30pm on WLAF-TV 12. This month’s topic is Service to America.

Postmark Board Member Deborah Cathryn Purcell introduces the episode with excerpts from “Sergeant Alvin York and His People” written by Sam K. Cowan, and Andy Stevens shares his service in World War II.

Watch the new Postmark episode here on YouTube.

Episodes will be streaming online HERE and HERE.

“Our Bridges – Stories from When…” is a collaborative TV show where each month will focus on a specific topic such as language, church, family, gardening, holidays, music, and much more.

On the first episode of each month, Postmark Artist and Board Member Deborah Cathryn Purcell will read a classic piece of literature. She will share a story or memory from her own life that comes to mind after the reading. Then she will invite viewers to submit stories from their own lives brought to mind by the topics in the reading.

The last episode of each month will focus on the reactions from viewers, sharing their stories and memories.

Postmark is focusing on feedback from our older generations in Campbell County capturing their stories which encapsulate decades of valuable knowledge and wisdom. Postmark is working with La Follette Court Assisted Living to capture the stories of their residents and plans to work with other local organizations serving our older generations.

No matter your age, we want to hear from you. This is an opportunity to connect generations, make everyone feel included, and provide a new front porch for all generations to sit and talk a spell.

This is a television show for Campbell Countians by Campbell Countians. For more information and to submit your own stories, please contact Postmark La Follette at 423-912-2348. It’s presented by Postmark La Follette and its partners at WLAF with participation from La Follette Court Assisted Living.

Stream any episode HERE. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/28/2022-6AM)