LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Late Wednesday morning, La Follette Police Officers were dispatched to the La Follette Medical Center on a possible overdose.

Officer Zack Daugherty arrived just before 11am and learned that Justin LeMarr allegedly overdosed in the Emergency Room restroom of the hospital. Based on the LPD report, LeMarr was a patient in the LMC Emergency Room undergoing treatment CORRECTION: LeMarr was being treated in the E-R for the overdose when police made contact with him. Inside the restroom, Daugherty observed four hypodermic needles laying on the floor along with a piece of paper containing approximately 0.5 grams of a white powder substance, the report said.

Daugherty and Det.-Sgt. Matt Forsyth interviewed LeMarr asking about the illegal drugs. According to the report, LeMarr was hesitant at first to talk and then admitted to buying the substance for $20 at the house directly across East Avenue from the hospital. LeMarr added that it was the house where Edward Robinson and Sybil Brown lived.

Forsyth contacted Brown’s probation officer, Josh Bruce, advising him of the allegations made against Brown. That prompted a probation home visit where Brown consented to a search of her living and common areas of the home at 912 East Avenue. Bruce was joined at the home by Shannon Wilkes, a probation officer, Sgt. Homer Herrell, Patrolman Anthony Mahar along with Daugherty and Forsyth.

Bruce requested assistance from the officers in his search of the premises. Daugherty and Mahar allegedly located a bag containing approximately 1.44 grams of a white powder substance similar to the substance found at the scene where LeMarr overdosed.

Sybil Brown

Brown eventually admitted that a transaction for alleged heroin was made for $20 to LeMarr though Brown did not admit to making the transaction, the report said. Forsyth ran the substance through a TruNarc Narcotics Analyzer and determined it to be Methylaminorex, a schedule I substance.

Officers prompted Brown to contact her boyfriend Edward Robinson and tell him to come to the house. Upon arrival, Robinson was asked if he made the transaction with LeMarr, and he allegedly admitted he did. Robinson allegedly admitted he sold the substance to LeMarr under the impression that the substance was heroin. Robinson stated that LeMarr allegedly stole a piece of cotton with actual heroin on it from him, and that is how LeMarr must have overdosed.

Edward Robinson

Daugherty located $160 in U-S currency on Robinson’s person, and Robinson allegedly stated that the $20 bill that LeMarr paid him for the substance with was in the bills.

Brown and Robinson were arrested and transported to the Campbell County Jail. Brown, 45, 912 East Avenue, La Follette was charged with the manufacture, sale, delivery or possession of meth. Robinson, 37, 912 East Avenue, La Follette is facing charges of the manufacture, sale, delivery or possession of meth.

According to an official at the Campbell County Jail, Brown and Robinson remain housed in the county jail this afternoon without bond and are awaiting a court date. Robinson is listed as an escape risk on his intake. Brown has been arrested multiple times while Robinson has an extensive arrest record based on jail records. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/14/2022-2:30PM)