TOP PHOTO: Saturday’s late night storms spawned damage in a radius around the Victory Community.

This is at the intersection of Alder Springs Road and Victory Road on Saturday night.
It’s been a challenging last 12 hours for Campbell County Highway Department crews.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Late Saturday night, in a radius around the Victory Community, is where a strong, likely severe, storm hit hardest beginning with downed trees, and that led from one thing to another according to Campbell County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck. “Our crews have been out all night, and some of this damage reminds me of the ’19 heavy rains and flooding,” said Dilbeck.

Roads and driveway entrances were washed out during Saturday’s late night storms.

Cedar Creek, Alder Springs, Mill and Parker Roads are some of the hardest hit areas. Some roads were even blocked along with washed out driveways to homes.

Devastating damage in the Victory Community came about late Saturday night.

“We’ve cleared tree after tree plus debris and mud in the roads, and there are places where six to eight inches of asphalt have been broken up and pushed. Culverts were even pushed out,” added Dilbeck.

Nature’s fury forced roads to be closed.


2 Replies to “‘It reminded me of 2019’s flooding disaster’ – Road Super Ron Dilbeck”

  1. We would like to thank our Road Superintendent, Ron Dilbeck and all the road crew that was/is out in force last night, all day today, and probably still out. We never know what or when Mother Nature will pay us a visit or how many can or will be affected. This weekend was our turn!
    I just wanted to thank each of these guys for being there doing a job no matter how big or small for those of us in need of help and sacrificing their time away from family especially on a weekend. I have seen the many man hours on display while they have cleared brush, moved dirt, cleared and cleaned ditches, hauled rock, cleared roads, dealt with heavy traffic, just so everyone can get from point A to point B.
    Thanks each and every one of you for a job well done. You are appreciated!
    Roger and Donna Robbins
    Cedar Creek /Victory

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