TOP PHOTO: Macy Kibler, (center) achieved the rank of Life Scout. A Court of Honor was held for her Tuesday evening. She is pictured with BSA Troop 435 Scout leader Liz White (left) and her mother, Amy Kibler (right.)

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A Court of Honor was held Tuesday evening for Macy Kibler of BSA Troop 435 to recognize her newly earned rank of Life Scout. The Court of Honor was also in recognition of the many accomplishments and merit badges earned by the Troop members of 435 over the last couple months. 

Troop 435 was started last Summer as the new female division of Scouts BSA. Led by scoutmaster Liz White, the troop has grown over the last year. 

Life Scout Macy Kibler (left) gives her mother Amy Kibler a pin.

Community projects, group camping trips and tons of activities and hard work resulted in 15 merit badges earned collectively for the troop over the past couple months.

Members of Troop 435 also performed a worship song during the program.

BSA Troop Leader Liz White (left), congratulates troop members on recent merit badge accomplishments.

“These girls have all worked hard to earn these merit badges and we’ve had an awesome time with our activities over the past few months,” White said. Five girls also earned their Scout rank since the last Court of Honor. The Scout rank is earned once the participants learn the basics of scouting. They learn to tie knots, memorize the Scout oath, laws, motto, outdoor code and more. 

During the Court of Honor, Macy Kibler’s mother Amy Kibler spoke about her daughter’s participation in BSA Scouts and following in her dad Scout leader Rob Kibler’s footsteps. She spoke about the important skills Scouts teaches and what she herself had learned from Macy’s participation in Scouts.

“Scouts promotes and teaches problem solving, it teaches working together and community outreach and one of the biggest things I learned is that the 12 Scout Laws is what we as Christians should strive for,” Amy Kibler said. 

She closed with how proud she and her husband Rob are of their daughter and all the scouts and their accomplishments.

BSA Troop 435 members performed a worship song at Tuesday’s Court of Honor.

Troop 435 is an old troop number that was resurrected in honor of Macy Kibler, Rob’s daughter, who was officially the first female BSA Scout. Her grandfather Bob Kibler was a scout leader over that troop number and Rob was a scout under that number. Macy is now the third generation of scout to serve under the Troop 435 designation. Earning her rank of Life Scout puts her one position away from Eagle Scout, the highest rank in BSA. 

“Macy has worked so hard for this acknowledgement. It’s tough to make it this far and takes a lot of dedication,” Troop Leader Liz White said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/01/2022-6AM)