By Lindsey Hutson-Suttles

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Thursday afternoon’s La Follette Regional Planning Commission meeting was held at City Hall. It was a busy agenda and a packed room.

Starting off the meeting were some comments from the citizens. Karolyn Turner brought to the commission’s attention of a couple of slum structures located near her house on Blue Drive. She stated that she had spoken to City Codes Officer Jeff Duncan in March about the issues yet all that had been done to the property was the lawn had been mowed. Turner is concerned for her children and her animals as there are snakes coming from that lot. Another citizen, Hank Hamblin, also addressed the commission about some property he bought at 201 West Central Avenue. Hamblin wants to build some commerce in that area but had some questions regarding a parking issue. Both citizens were told that someone would be reaching out to them to resolve their problems.

As for the agenda, first on the list was the approval of the location of the new amphitheater at Liberty Park. Mark Hoskins approved the motion and Phillip Farmer seconded it.

Next, the City Council was advised by City Attorney Reid Troutman to temporarily accept no more Air BnBs until some city regulations were put in place. The Council wanted to extend the ordinance to the planning commission so that everyone was on the same page. This ordinance does not affect the currently running Air BnBs.

Local businessman J. R. Kitts has requested to turn his commercial property at 1327 East Central Avenue, near DeRoyal, into residential property. Kitts has remodeled this building and made some apartment buildings within. However, the commission can do nothing for him until the Fire Marshall approves the structures. This subject was tabled until a Fire Marshall can be contacted.

William and Kristy Humphrey presented an In-home occupation request for a new Taxi service at 512 East Hemlock Street. There would be no signage out front and no foot traffic. The motion was approved on the restriction that there would be no more than two commercial vehicles outside the home.

Chase Lindsay requested for his property located at 515 West Hemlock Street to be zoned for self storage. Lindsay plans to turn this building into a climate controlled, indoor self storage building housing 18 storage compartments. The motion passed. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/27/2022-6AM)