TOP PHOTO: Lady Cougar Audrey Bishop will compete at the highest collegiate level in track and field for Xavier University starting in the fall.

 By Charlotte Underwood 

 JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County High School senior Audrey Bishop signed scholarship papers with Xavier University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Come August Bishop will compete as a Xavier Lady Musketeer as a member of the track and field program. 

Since she is in a dual credit program at the high school with Middle College, Audrey will start at Xavier as a junior. She plans on majoring in Criminal Justice and continuing onto law school afterwards. 

Her accomplishments are “much more than athletic”, according to her track and field coach Chris Shouse and Assistant Coach Ann Browning. 

Audrey Bishop, center bottom row, signed papers with Xavier University on Wednesday. Top row, CCHS Track and Field Coach Chris Shouse and Track and Field Assistant Coach Ann Browning. Bottom left is Soccer Coach Matt Schroeder and bottom right is Soccer Coach Steve Ward. Bishop signed to run track for the D-1 ranked school.

“Audrey has a job, she plays another sport, she’s going to Middle College the same time as high school. She does a tremendous job and has tremendous support. It has taken so much hard work and dedication to get where she is,” Shouse said. 

Audrey’s grandparent’s Darlene and Terry Bishop raised her since she was little.  They said they were incredibly proud of her accomplishments and goals.

“She has worked so hard for this, and we’re so proud. We’ve always taught her to set your goals and work for them,” said Darlene Bishop. 

Audrey is originally from Ohio and moved to Campbell County when she was three. She said she is excited to be attending college close to some of her family as she had always felt “half here and half there.”

She chose Xavier because of how “personable” the school felt when she visited. 

“I am so excited to be signing with Xavier. I feel like this is a very big opportunity and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” Audrey Bishop said. 

Assistant Coach Ann Browning said she was super proud of Audrey.

“She has a really demanding schedule, and still she pushes herself to excel and she has been methodical in her quest. We’re all super excited she’s following her dreams,” Coach Browning said. 

Bishop primarily runs the 400 meter adds Coach Shouse. “She also does the 100 meter and 200 meter,” said Shouse.

Soccer Coach Steve Ward said he would miss Bishop as well.

“She’s such a vital part of our program and the anchor of the defense. She goes 100-miles per hour all the time,” said Coach Ward. 

Audrey Bishop signed papers with Xavier University on Wednesday. Her grandparent’s Darlene and Terry Bishop were by her side for the momentous occasion.

Bishop said she was happy to have the support of her family and friends and that even though she is going to be three hours away, she’s only a “phone call away.” She also told her fellow track mates to “take care of each other and take each other home after practice.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/07/2022-6AM)