JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- Lindsay Craw, who pleaded guilty last Tuesday to voluntary manslaughter, was scheduled to report to jail on Friday to begin her 15-year sentence, according to court records. However, based on jail records, Craw did not show up as per her plea on Friday.

The 33-year- old Craw was arrested on Saturday night in Monroe County. She was brought back to the Campbell County Jail on Sunday according to Campbell County Jail records.

Here is the story on Craw’s court appearance on March 29.

More than three years after Billy Partin, Jr. was found stabbed in his LaFollette apartment, his murderer and one time girlfriend is going to jail for his death.

In 2018, Lindsay Craw was arrested and charged with first degree murder after Partin died from his injuries.

After a series of delays and changes of attorney, Craw’s trial was set to begin this week. However, yesterday (Tue., March 29, 2022) she opted to plead guilty instead of facing a jury.

Craw pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter receiving a 15-year sentence that will be served at 60 percent, according to court records. She is scheduled to report to jail on Friday (April 1, 2022).

Craw initially told police an intruder stabbed Partin and assaulted her. Two days after Craw told police that story, they searched the home where she was staying and found a red handled large knife under her bed believed to be the one used in Partin’s stabbing. That is when she was arrested and charged in Partin’s death, police records said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 03/30/2022- 6PM-UPDATED 04/05/2022-6AM))