TOP PHOTO: The Campbell County Planning Commission held its regular monthly meeting.

 By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Planning Commission met Monday evening, approving a Planned Urban Development (PUD) on Brantley Lane and several minor lot subdivisions throughout the county. 

The preliminary plat for the Planned Unit Development from I-75 Land Partners LLC. on Brantley Lane in La Follette was once again discussed by members of the county planning commission. Engineer Scott Bowling was on hand to answer questions and concerns about the development, as was the project developer. 

“Once this is approved, they can turn dirt,” said County Planner Jordan Rockwell.

The preliminary plat passed with a vote of six out of eight planning commission members in approval. Rusty Orick was the only no vote, with another planning commission member abstaining to vote. 

County planning commission approves several minor lot subdivisions.

The PUD will consist of 53 homes on 16 acres, according to Bowling.

Road width, parking and drainage were among concerns voiced by planning commission members.

Planning commission member and county commissioner Rusty Orick said he was worried about the road bed and the road width as well as drainage and parking.

The developer said they would put up a two year maintenance bond on the road way and repairs would be made if the road was damaged during construction.

The roads and accesses will all be put into county standards, according to developers. There had been concern about the width of Brantley Lane, which is 18 feet, with the curve “choking” down to 14 feet. According to Bowling, the road will be widened to 20 feet. 

Parking concerns were addressed by I-75 Land Patner’s developer who assured the commission that there would be “double driveways and double garages” to handle parking. It will also be against Home Owner Association rules to park on the street, as well as no camper or boat parking.

The homes in the PUD will have residence values starting at $285,000 and up.

Bowling addressed drainage concerns as well, saying that all storm water would drain through a sinkhole and would not go off site. The drainage through the  sinkhole has been approved by the Tennesee Department of Environment and Conservation, according to Bowling who said “TDEC had approved the  SWIFT Plan.”

According to Bowling, the drainage area will be fenced in completely for safety, which was also a concern. 

In other business, planning commission members also approved several minor lot subdivisions.

These included a minor lot subdivision for R.L. Gross and Greg Miller on Eastwood Drive. According to Rockwell, the request was for “making a lot change and small boundary adjustment for building a new home.”

Also approved was a small lot subdivision for Scott Rowland on N. Circle Drive and Hardwood Drive for splitting one lot into two. 

A minor lot subdivision was approved for Chris Wiggins on Stinking Creek Road, as well as for Patricia Eberharter on Dykes Lane. 

A new easement and minor lot subdivision preliminary plat was also approved for Sanford Borondy on Hueston Woods Lane. 

All minor lot subdivision requests were approved unanimously by planning commission members and on the recommendation of the county planner. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/05/2022-6AM)