Here is the Chevy truck involved in Tuesday’s event.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – What began as an attempted traffic stop by a Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy on a suspected stolen truck turned into a 4:30pm Tuesday until after dark search for the suspect who was behind the wheel of the truck. Included in this story are details from the scanner traffic involving deputies and Central Dispatch as well as information from dispatchers and officials with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Initially, the driver of the truck, a white snub nosed Chevy flatbed truck, did not cooperate with the deputy in the pullover attempt and ended up ramming her cruiser on Old Middlesboro Highway. The pursuit began and then went back and forth from Campbell County to Claiborne County more than once. At one point, the truck reversed direction trying to ram another cruiser.

At 4:59pm, one deputy shouted over his radio “Shots fired. He’s trying to kill me.” That deputy continued the pursuit as another officer asked Central Dispatch if he said “shots fired,” and the dispatcher confirmed. One cruiser suffered heavy damage from the ramming, and that deputy said he would continue with the car as long as he could. The cruiser soon gave out. Multiple shots were fired at 5:01pm according to the deputy-dispatcher exchange. No injuries were reported.

This truck was reported stolen.

Troopers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, other CCSO deputies, led by Sheriff Robbie Goins, and deputies from Claiborne County were united in their efforts. Bit by bit officers, joined the effort as it became an all hands on deck event for members of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Just before 5:30pm, the pursuit took an about face when the driver of the truck headed off Old Middlesboro Highway at Speedwell driving through a cow pasture of what officers described as the Edwards Farm in Claiborne County. On the farm is where contact was lost with the suspect and the truck. The THP helicopter arrived around 5:30pm joining the manhunt. The abandoned truck was located as the search continued until after dark.

This Chevy flatbed was used to evade police.

The search is expected to resume this morning at daybreak, and WLAF will continue to follow this developing story. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/30/2022-6AM)