JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – After 15 years without an increase, airplane owners parking their planes in hangars at the Campbell County Airport will most likely see their rent cost a bit more next year, as the County Commission airport committee voted Tuesday to increase hangar rent from $255/month to $355/month beginning May 1.

The decision came on the recommendation of Airport Manager Bert Loupe, who pointed out that the county is still charging the same rent that was set when the first of 18 hangars was constructed in 2007. “Knoxville Island Airport has a waiting list of around 100 and currently charges $365/month,” Loupe pointed out, adding that out of 18 hangars at the airport, only four are rented to Campbell County residents, the rest going to vacation homeowners.

Loupe reminded the commissioners that the hangars have been a good investment, since federal and state grant dollars covered most of the cost of the hangars, built in two phases. “Out of a $2 million initial investment, the county’s share was only $98,200. The county has collected a total of $690,120 in rent through the years,” Loupe added.

Loupe explained that although the hangars are holding up well, time will require more maintenance and upkeep in the future, while federal funding has taken a downturn with cuts in the federal aviation equity fund. “If we wanted to build more hangars, the money would have to come out of the county’s pocket,” he added.

Loupe also gave the committee an update on the Lifestar contract, with Lifestar leasing airport property for their helipad and office building at $1,500/month under a 20 year lease. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/16/2022-6AM)